AWARD: Fourth shot of mine in nomination for the World Street Photography Book 2017

25-01-2017 06:46

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Fourth shot of mine is in nomination for the World Street Photography Book 2017!
"One thought" (attached) is in the short list! The pool of winning photos will be curated in February 2017.

It could be the third year that I am present in this publication!

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News: Italian Street Eyes in the newspapers

24-01-2017 10:36

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An article in the Italian newspaper "Il Messaggero" tells the "three days of street photography" by Italian Street Eyes, the collective of which I have the honor to be a part along with 10 other talented authors!

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News: I am a member of Italian Street Eyes!

22-01-2017 08:21

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I am officially a member of Italian Street Eyes, the collective of Italian photographers dedicated to Street Photography.

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News: My photos on the magazine Pure Inner

20-01-2017 14:15

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The italian magazine Pure Inner has dedicated an interesting article to my photos.
Click here to read the online article!

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AWARD: Third shot of mine in nomination for the World Street Photography Book 2017

18-01-2017 08:51

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Another shot of mine is in nomination for the World Street Photography Book 2017!
"Leading Lady" (attached) is in the short list! The pool of winning photos will be curated in February 2017.

It could be the third year that I am present in this publication!

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News: my photos for the Italian designer Gianni Speciale

21-10-2016 13:26

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Gianni Speciale, Italian designer and craftsman, chose my photos to advertise its wonderful collectibles.
On his website you can see my pictures to its wooden bicycles, completely handmade.

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NEWS: Alberto Adonai chose my photo for his advertising

15-10-2016 14:14

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The designer Alberto Adonai choce my shot for the advertising of his shoes.
Find attached my photo.

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AWARD: Two placings in two international photo contests by Michael Andrew

15-10-2016 13:12

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I am proud to announce two important placings in two international photo contests by MIchael Andrew.

Sixth place for my photo "Real Parkour" in the LifeStyle Photocontest 2016
Fifth place for my shot "Light Player" in the Sport Photocontest 2016

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ARTICLE: Street photography means to love everything about life

21-09-2016 11:51

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First concept: "photography does not show the reality, but your idea about it" (Neil Leifer). It 'a truth with an unequivocal consequence: if you take ordinary photos, your idea of reality is trivial.
Second concept: "the world is the mirror of the photographer" (Ferdinando Scianna). Another truth with another clear consequence: what you photograph, shows who you are. So if you take ordinary photos, you're ordinary.

Let’s apply these two concepts to the 90% of street shots we can see online, everyday: people walking, people who fiddles with their smartphones, people close to billboards, homeless, persons closely framed. Trivial, I would say. What is the logical consequence? This one: 90% of street photographers is trivial and is not able to SEE what is extraordinary in the everyday life.

Why does this happen? Simple: because people are convinced that taking photos around the streets means “taking street photos”. It could also be true, according to the definition of street photography (taking shots of spontaneous situations in public places), but the real point is another one: to take photos, you have to take photos, to take GOOD photos you first have to love what you are photographing. That’s true for every photographic genre.

Street photography is "what happens" (reality): then, to make beautiful street shots you have to love what happens around you. Loving what happens is not so easy (I can understand), so it’s easier to photograph the banality of the surface, avoiding to go deep into the truth. That 90% of ordinary street photos, after all, are not the result of "incapable photographers " but of people who do not love life in its entirety.

Anthony de Mello said: "life is WHAT HAPPENS while we are busy with other matters." Here we are: "what happens is life", if you're busy with other matters, you can't love what happens, you can't really love life.

If you don’t love life, you will never be able to take good street photos.

Matteo Abbondanza

AWARD: I am in nomination for the World Street Photography Book 2017

17-09-2016 17:25

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I am in nomination for the World Street Photography Book 2017!

My shoots "Real parkour" and "Cinema & Love" are in the short list! The pool of winning photos will be curated in February 2017.
It could be the third year that I am present in this publication!

This is the second award for Real Parkour (attached).

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WORKSHOP: September 30 - Street Photography in Pavia

14-09-2016 15:06

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On September 30, I will hold a workshop on Street Photography in Pavia.
The appointment is at 21.30 at the library "Roberto Gatti" in Casei Gerola, (Pavia).
Free entry.

A special thanks to Foto Club ImmaginIria

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ARTICLE: Wrong habits in street photography

30-08-2016 13:08

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Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”. Words of Bresson, valid for any photographic genre but even more for the street photography in which - as claimed by Alex Webb - "99% of the shots is wrong because it rarely happens to be in the right place, at the right time, taking shot in the right moment".

In fact, it is very complicated to take good street shots: taking photos around the streets does not mean “taking street photos”. But it seems that people are convinced by the opposite: that's why “the web is filled with boring street photography" (F.D.Walker).

On internet lot of people improvise themselves as “streeter”: they take and publish boring, poorly made, anonymous and aseptic photos and they receive the congratulations of their small circle of friends (to whom they return the favor with compliments to their equally boring photos). So, it would be useful to clarify what are the most common "habits" of the soporific and monotone street photos you can see online every day.

Here are the top 5:

1) Nothing happens in the photo
The web is full of street photos in which nothing happens. If nothing interesting happens in the photo, why should it be interesting? A person who walks, an anonymous face, a group of people on the road ... boring images if they are not contextualized or if there is nothing special and unusual: try to look for a gesture, a smile, a special light, a coincidence, the irony.

2) Monotonous stereotypes
People photographed near billboards, guys making selfies, people crossing the road, girls at the tram stop: millions of photos like these clog the web. Why? Because it’s very easy to take them. Easy, sure, but also anonymous and useless. You can take 100 shots per day like that. Try to be original.

3) No quality of the image
Many people use the excuse "this is a street photo" to publish pictures of poor quality: blurry, crooked, with burned white, closed shadows, ridiculous tonal scales and without any composition. As if the street photography justify the bad quality: this is false! If the content of your photo is boring - as it almost always happens (Webb) - at least take care of the technique.

4) Black and white
A soporific street photo does not became an interesting shot thanks to the BW filter: it simply remains a boring street photo, but in black and white. The BW is a point of view, a personal taste: it is not a tool to improve the photo.

5) Point of view
The concept is the same as for the BW: many people use extreme pov to strike the observer. This is useless: framing up close a scene, photographing a face from below… trying to impress the observer through the pov does not help you to take better photos. Concentrate on the content, then on the POV.

Matteo Abbondanza

AWARD: I won the Ariano International PhotoContest 2016

31-08-2016 09:27

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I am the winner of the Ariano International Film Festival 2016, photography section.

First prize for my shots "Light Window" that was part of my photographic project "Light and Shadows".

It has been an honor and a privilege that my photo has been choosen and rewarded by two exceptional jurors, two legends of international cinema: Nino Celeste, d.o.p. - among others - of Pasolini and Damiani; and Roberto Girometti, an amazing d.o.p. who has worked - among others - with Rossellini.

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WORKSHOP: Street Photography in Novara

05-07-2016 10:09

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A special thanks to Associazione Fotografica Prospettive for giving me the opportunity to present my idea of street photography!

On june 20, about 70 people attended my workshops on street photography.

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