I am not an artist, I am not a photographer: I just produce images in which the shape is the content.

My stylistic research aims at creating clean, minimalist and methodical pictures to convey my vision of the world, made of tidy frames, combinations of lines, well-ordered arrangements of details.

My current style is the result of a long journey begun in 2006: I started shooting human beings in the urban habitat to create balanced and proportional photos; afterwards I focused on the context and on the setting in search of aesthetic balance; over time I have given more and more importance to the composition and the cleanliness, generating harmonious and graphic images.

Today, through my pictures, the aesthetic is the only message i want to communicate.


Since 01/2018 I no longer participate in any contest.

2017 - Selected in the photobook From Above by World Street Photography

2017 - Selected in the international photo book Urban & Human Empathy

2017 - Collective exhibition at the italian art event Paratissima

2017 - International exhibitions in the project URBAN & HUMAN EMPATHY

2017 - Third Prize at the street international photo contest Diaframmi Chiusi

2017 - Honorable Mention at the 2017 international photo contest by Exhibit Around

2017 - Publication of my photo-biography in the Italian lifestyle magazine Pure Inner

2016 - Winner of the Ariano International Photo Contest

2016 - Selected in the World Street Photography Book

2016 - Winner of the Black and White International Photo Contest, by Robert E. Smith

2015 - Selected in the World Street Photography Book

2015 - Second Prize at the MBP Photographic international photo contest

2015 - Third Prize at the Italian photo contest Milan of the Future

2015 - Fourth Prize at the Photo School international contest Architecture

2014 - Second Prize at the Italian photo contest Places of Inspirations

2014 - Second Prize at the Italian photo Contest Beauty of Life

2014 - Finalist at the Opaal UK photo contest Youmanity




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